Battling Literal Errors in Left 4 Dead

Recently, my guy and I were playing a round of Left 4 Dead. Zombie shooting is fun.

However, when we actually loaded the game up, it was full of errors. I’m not talking a random graphical glitch here and there, I’m talking LITERAL errors. Giant ones. And the red ones were flashing.


What was particularly terrifying, though, was when the errors started CHARGING AT US.


They didn’t seem able to harm us, though. We were able to shoot them, and blood came out, but no errors died in the making of this blog post.


And lastly, a bonus picture of an octopus sign.


Gifts from Friends..

well, one friend, really.

A very lovely friend of mine, Sarah, lives just about an hour away. Because of this and schedules, we rarely see each other, so we tend to send each other things in the mail. Who doesn’t like getting mail, right? Sarah sends me some really really cool things that just make my damn week. Most recently, she sent me this amazing kraken locket:


I’m still deciding what to put in it.