Recently, I decided to start this blog to post personal updates and projects. After a week or so of putting it off some more, it’s come to this. So let’s start with an update.

Today, I spent some alone time working on a drawing that I’m actually putting more effort into than usual. That sounds lazy – normally, I spend an hour or two on a portrait on average (unless it’s just a quick little scribble), but this is getting a full shading treatment, and I’m really taking my time with it.

I also played with my mouse a little bit. If you haven’t seen on other communities, I have two pet mice: meep and narm. Meep is kind of a giant asshole. He has no interest in people, which I can respect, but also hates Narm, and attacked him when we first got him. Narm, on the other hand, is actually very sweet, loves to come out of his cage and play, and today, he willingly went into his plastic ball for the first time and had a blast running all over the downstairs part of the house. Here’s a narm pic:

It’s also snowing, which is annoying because I miss the outside world. You will also see a few more updates today with older artwork. Hope you’re all well.
♥ -j

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